Sentinels of Sangheilos
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The Files.

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The Files. Empty The Files.

Post  Amus Jar Moramee Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:21 pm

Armed Forces:

File One: Unnamed.
File Leader: ninja assasain2
File members: J0205, Hawkeye1847

File Two: Unnamed.
File Leader: siminole11
File members: ShamelessOsprey, Ewwww Girls

File Three: Unnamed.
File Leader: FGx COBRA
File members: livingperdition, A FartingFlower

File Four: Unnamed.
File Leader: Kinneret1
File members: Death Eco, cbGeorge2424
Status: Inactive.


Pair One: Unnamed
Pair Leader: Cartfart98
Pair member: g4b3 ch3ng

Special Operations:

File One: Unnamed.
File Leader: D3L74 Destroyer
File members: N/A, N/A

On a side note, file leaders you CAN name your file. However that has to be earned.
Remember, I expect all these files (except for the inactive one.) To do things together.
Here's the Leader Boards.



Points go accordingly:

Played a game with all file members accounted for and shows proof: 1 point. (yes it will stack)
Played 2 games with two file members present and can provide proof: 1 point.
An entire file attended training: 2 points.
Significant improvement happens to members of a file: can range from 1 point to 10.
Preforms an Incredible feat: can range from 1 point to 10.

If a file member is inactive for an entire 5 days the file will lose 1 point.
If that same member is inactive for 10 days, the file will lose 3 points.
After that every day that member is inactive the file will lose 1 point until they no longer have points.

If a file leader is not found doing their job with their file, they will be replaced.
If a file requests a member to be removed from said file, that case will be looked into.

The Files. ?action=view&current=Zoomzoom97-SigWIP
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