Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself!

Post  Amus Jar Moramee on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:04 pm

Hello members! If you can I would ask of you to simply make and introduction for yourself. Something along the lines of...

Experiences in clans:
Your goals in the clan:
What you are good at in the game:
And some interesting facts:

Have fun, and please let us get to know you!

Amus Jar Moramee

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Post  Zakl 'Felvaree on Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:13 pm

GT: ninja assasain2
Experiences in clans: Just one The Ascended Knights
Personality: I love to have fun but can be serious when I need to be
Your goals in the clan: surpass Cartfart
What you are good at in the game: Accuracy, support, head shots, and listening to orders
And some interesting facts: CLASSIFIED
Zakl 'Felvaree

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Post  NYSH ETHADEE on Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:30 am

Bio: well for the people who dont know me im currently 17 my parents are divorced i love playing halo, forza 4 and skyrim and i am a furry
Experiences in clans: ive been in clans about a year after halo three came out but i never found any that were accurately taken care of or its players respected most were ruled with an iron fist then i found WoR for those of you who dont know that was (the Warriors of Redemption) its goal is what the sentinels is based on and was the best clan (in my opinion) ever for those devoted to the Sangheili way, but sadly due to unplesentries in the higher ups, order was difficult to maintian and it was disbanned at the time i was a ranger class. and even though i wasnt a high ranking clan member WoR meant every thing to me after the clan was gone i looked over its documentation outlining clan behavior, even though this document ( the Writ of Union) was designed to stop devious actions that would have prevented its down fall it still did.
Personality: easy to get along with compassionate funny but serious when its time to get down to business
Your goals in the clan: to provide an ideal clan experience for all members buy showing that teamwork can lead to great victories
What you are good at in the game: sniping, hog driver, infiltrator
And some interesting facts: the sniper rifle has a four shot mag pace your shots

counselor NYSH

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Post  Garr 'Komtaree on Sun May 06, 2012 10:25 am

GT: Cartfart98
Bio: Too lazy to type a bio.
Experiences in clans: I was in the Warriors of Redemption for about a week until it exploded, combined with first-hand knowledge on everything that Zoom has been through.
Personality: Derpy, loyal, kind-hearted
Your goals in the clan: Crush Ninja's dreams.
What you are good at in the game: Explosives, (sort of) close range, and following orders.
And some interesting facts: -Even though I am an ascetic, I'm not really good with a sword. -I am a grammar Nazi. Don't be offended if I correct you. -Contrary to popular belief, Ninja is the true derp in the clan, not I.
Garr 'Komtaree

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Re: Introduce yourself!

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