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Post  Amus Jar Moramee on Thu May 24, 2012 11:16 am

This page for the sole purpose of showing who is active and who isn't. I will update it as members come and get active and what not. If I am missing a member just tell me.

Zoomzoom97- Active.
Moffpro999- Active.
Nysh Ethadee- Active. (not so much on the xbox but he is still around.)
ninja assasain2- Active.
D3L74 Destroyer- Active.
Cartfart98- Active.
cbGeorge2424- Inactive.
FGx COBRA- Active.
g4b3 ch3ng- Active.
Hawkeye1847- Active. (somewhat)
Kinneret1- Inactive. (Halo does not work for him.)
DEATH ECO 1- Inactive.
livingperdition- Active.
siminole11- Active.
ShamelessOsprey- Active.
Ewwww Girls- Active.
J0205- Active.
A FartingFlower- Active.

A total of 18 members. A total of 15 active. Two members have legit excuses where they have gone. 1 other is inactive.

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